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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Double X
Skills needed: Putting in elastics, curling (optional)

This is my other friend Cassidy! She has the thinnest silkiest hair ever, so it was hard to come up with one to do on her! It is also not too long, and she needs one to hold her bangs back because she's trying to grow them out! Anyway, this is the hair-do I came up with!
We started with a part right down the middle. then down both sides we did a little row of puff braids. I had to do this to hold back her bangs, but if the girl you're doing this on does not have bangs you could leave this step out.
We pulled the little puff braids into a small elastic.
Then under the elastic that I pulled the puff braid into, I made another little section.
Then we criss crossed the one from the bottom up, and the one from the top down.
We made the same little row of puff braids on the other side.
The we took the ends from the other x into yet another x. By taking the one from the top down, and the one from the bottom up.

She also has all these layers, so what I did to make them not stick out (the 2 sections being pulled into the side ponytail) was put 3 elastics down them. It also made it look really cute!
Side view:

See the elastics being pulled into the side pony? And now you also see that it worked really nicely and no pieces are sticking out! YAAA!!
Top view:
Ok, now here is where the optional curling comes in. (See skills needed under title)
We curled the ponytail and added a rainbow of bows, to match her multicolored shirt.
Front view and very cute!

Double criss-cross
Skills needed: Criss crossing, weaving

This is a quite simple one actually, but it looks super cute!
So, we started off with just 4 little sections on the top!
Then we took the 2 from the left to another ponytail on the right. Then the same thing on the other side!
Front view:
I got several compliments while we were out!

Double Criss Cross
Skills needed: Criss Crossing

This is how we did the top. We just did a simple x.
Then we did the back. For this part we had the 2 pony tails from the top, then we split both of them into 2 and took one part straight down and the other part across!

Criss Cross Pigtails
Skills needed: Criss crossing, Braiding

For this one it took us only about 15 minutes!
We started off with just two sections. We then split it into two braids!Than we took one braid straight down and one braid criss crossed and there you do!
Front View: ( I know I look scary there, I'm really not:))
This is , again, how it will turn out!

Double V
Skills needed: Braiding, criss crossing

I do not have step by step instructions, but it is pretty self explanatory, but all you do is make 4 sections, then braid them all. Then you take the 2 that are not touching each other, then do that to the other ones and then Ta-Da!!!
Front view:

Crazy Criss Cross!
Skills needed: Twisting, Putting in elastics

This is my cousin, Lauren. She will be on here a couple times. I did this to her hair, and she loved it! It took us about 45 minutes, but it stayed in for 2 days!
This is how we started, It was hard to do step by step instructions because it is just kind of random, but this is how we did the first part!
This is how our first side turned out!
This is the top view, once we had finished both sides!
This is the top view, she has bangs that would not stay back so we just clipped them over.

Skills needed: Braiding and criss crossing

sorry I do not have step by step instructions but....
All you have to do is make 6 sections in the front. Then criss-cross them across each other into 6 other sections! Have fun!!
Skills needed: Putting in elastics

This is how the final hair-do looks. I called it a snowflake because it reminded me of how I draw my snowflakes. (*)
This is the first step. Start off with 5 little sections close to the front of your head.
Then this shows how you take the first one back into another little section.
Here it just shows how to crisscross them over top of each other.
Then this is pretty much how it will look, but we pulled the bottom together.
This is the same picture as at the top!

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