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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Skills needed: braiding

This is a nice simple and quick, but cute, hairdo!
So, We started off with 2 little sections at the top.
Then Cassidy, My friend who did this to me, braided those 2 sections together.
Since today was a really hot day, we pulled that up into a pony. Than added the ribbons.
Then we decided to add some curls.
Front view:

Easy Braids
Skills Needed: French Braids and Braids

This is my sister. She wanted a nice, cool hairdo. So this is what I did, and surprisingly, she liked it! (She's very picky)
First, we started part on the side. On the side with more hair, we did a french braid.
Then on the side with less hair we did 1 simple braid, (not french braid.)
We pulled both into a messy bun.
This is the side with the simple braid. We pulled it back kinda messy to make it look more natural, She's not the tight and perfect type of girl:)

This is the side with the french braid.

Braided Criss-Cross
Skills Needed: Braiding

This is how the final product of this looks! It took us about 35 minutes to complete!
I also got a complement on this hair do from my brothers. It takes a pretty darn good hair do to get them to like it:)
This is the first step. We made a part right under the ear. (I know this picture is not the best, we are not photographers:))
But then we made 4 parts, and braided them all down!
We then took 2 of the opposite to one pigtail, and the other two to the other pigtail. Really all you do is take one up and one criss crossed!
See? This is how it looks from the front. If you are doing this on younger kids, you could make the pigtails higher up:)

Pulling Braids
Skills Needed: Braiding

So this is my other cousin Natalie. While I was visiting I did her hair too! She has naturally curly hair, so I tried to pull it all in braids so she wouldn't have puffy pigtails!
This is how we started, 5 braids on each side. (can you see the curl?)
Then we pulled them all together! Sorry my pictures are not the best I could not figure out how to get the flash on!
Then I just pulled it into a braid, on each side and ta-da! It will end in 2 braids, but I only got a picture of the one side!

Skills needed: Braids and parting

First you start with 2 little sections. Braid the remaining hair into 2 braids. As you can see in the picture!
Here it shows how you take the 2 braids and take 2 to the inside and 2 to the outside.
This one just shows a better view of the splitting of braids.
Then braid the rest of the little sections left and pull it into a ponytail. We ended up braiding the ponytail, but did not get a picture!

Braid Train
Skills Needed: Braiding

First you start off 2 braids. One in front of the other.
Then you pull the front 2 braids together.
Then pull the second set of braids together, and then add another 3rd braid.
Continue this same thing, then end it in a ponytail!

"X" Marks the spot!
Skills needed: Braiding

This is how this hair-do looks! Pretty cute, I thought!
O.K, So first you have to split the front hair into 4 sections and braid them.
This shows how you criss-cross the one but not the other.
This is how the ending looks, but of couse the one at the bottom, we added bows!

Kinda A Star
Skills needed: Braiding

This is how you will start. You have 3 sections. You will end up braiding the 2 sections on the sides. Then Split the middle one in half.
After you do that you will pull it into opposite pigtails. This was soooo absolutely not one of my favorites!
This is how it will look from the front!
And the side...
Then since I really did not like the first turn out, we braided the middle section and turned it into a braided star!

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