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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boys Dos!

These are my little brothers. They were bugging me about why I only post girls hair-dos. So I am making a "Boy's Dos" section.

Spikes, with thin ,shorter hair!
This is Kuzkid! He has shorter thinner hair then his brother so with this kind of hair you don't need as much gel. But run your fingers through the hair with the gel on them and Ta-Da!


This is my littlest brother. I'll call him Kuzkid. He is Very crazy and asked for the Mohawk. So I grabbed the gel and spiked up from both sides. I have to admit It turned out pretty cool!

Bangs over!

This is my other brother, PJRulez! He is not really into the hair thing so this is what I got him to let me do. Look below and you will see the bangs in the eyes. I just combed them over, added a little gel and Ta-Da. He looks so Handsome!
Bangs in the eyes!

Spikes, with longer, thicker hair
This is just spikes. Put some gel on your fingers and brush your fingers through the hair!

Spiked Bangs!
For this all you need to do is get gel and spike up those bangs!

In our opinion we thought that this looked like Elvis's hair. So we put gel on a brush, pulled the brush through the hair(backwards only) the look at that you have Elvis!

Comb over
This is the comb over. Most boys do this for the special occasions!

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  1. my little brothers just love looking at themselves on the computer! If your little brothers to do, spike up their hair or something and send it to me at and I will podt it!