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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Hair-dos!

Crazy Clip!

Look at this huge clip my cousin has! This is a picture of it compared to a normal clip! (the pink one is the big one, and no, the brown one is not mini:))
This is just a picture of it in her hair!

These hairdos are very cool but kinda crazy. Probably not ones you would ware on a regular basis but anyway here they are!

Variation 2
Skills needed: Braiding

This is the second variation of the criss cross pigtails. look below for the first. To do this follow the steps of the Variation 1, but braid one of the pigtails over to the other to end in a side pony!

Flipped Pigtails
As you could see, my pigtails looked really long to my mom, so she flipped them under to make them look shorter!

Variation 1
Skills needed: Braiding
This is the ending version, so enjoy!
This is the first step. Do the same thing on the bottom and braid that into the middle section on both top and Bottom.
These are the parts for you to start with!

Crazy Hair!
Skills needed: Braiding, tie 2 pigtails together
This is the ending picture, go below for step by step instructions.
It ended in lopsided pigtails so my mom tied them together into a ponytail!
This is how to criss cross into the starting pigtail.
This is how to braid the top and bottom over.
This is the bottom...
Then this is the top of the hair.

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