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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Hair-dos!

These are the ones I do on my Mom! Here are a couple. Sorry I do not have step by step instructions, Just the ending pictures. I will try to explain them in words though!
This one you start with a small part at the top. Then you do not braid it into another section. Then you braid that part down diagonally to the other side. Do not braid that part, then pull up the extra hair into a side ponytail!

Puff Braids into buns!
I did this one by doing 4 elastics on each side. I then made these cute little bun things at the end. It turned out really cute. (as you can see.)

3 Braids into 1!
I call this one 3 braids into 1! First start with a part on the side. Make 2 on the bigger side, then one on the other. After you do that tie them together and braid it the rest of the way down. Of course add a cute bow and Ta-Da! You have a cool hairdo!

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