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Friday, May 21, 2010

Twist Buns from Sweet and Sassy

Twist Buns from Sweet and Sassy
Skills Needed: Twisting, Bobby pinning

O.K So, I got adorable Hair-do from Sweet and Sassy. It is a store in our mall that does girls hair, nails, birthday Parties, exc. But it's a really cool place. One day just my mom and I were out and I decided it would be cool to get my hair done professionally. So this is what they did to me...I'm also quite sure most of tou already know how to do this.
So, She started with kind-of a zig-zag part down the middle of my head.
Then, she put it into high pigtails and split it into thirds. Then twisted one strand all the way up until it scrunched itself up. Then she bobby pinned the end the my head. After she was done with it all she she used a comb to scrunch up the little pieces of hair left over. I will really try to post a video for this one!
Then this is the front view...see the cool little flower? I got that from justice and I absolutely love it in front of one of the makes it look so much more springy~!