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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Braids, Braids, and more brads!

Braids, Braids,and More Braids!
Skills Needed:French Braiding, Making buns

So, this hair-do I did on my friend, Ali. I was so proud of myself, because this is the first time I learned how to do normal french braids,not dutch braids, and because I braided upside down!
So, when I was uploading teese pictures, I didn't have them named, so I wasn't sure what order they were going to show up in. this one was supposed to be more towards the end, but anyway, this is the bum!
These are my upside down braids underneath. I only did 2, but for you freakishly good braiders you could do more!
This is the side, I just did one on each side.
This is the top, we did 5 on the top because that was all I could fit. I am not good with small braids.
This is the other side, showing how the angles change from the side to the back,and top to the front.
So, I hope you enjoy this, also for all you awesome braiders, if you want to send me a picture of some of your cool braids I would love to see them. My E-mail is! Thank-You for taking the time to look!

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